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These are cartoon for those who want to please their colleagues or employees.

These are cartoon for those who want to please their colleagues or employees.

Corporate cartoon will raise your spirit at work even on Monday morning)))

Corporate cartoon can be presented to the boss for the birthday or the anniversary of the company.

And the corporate cartoon is a good gift to your clients. They will definitely appreciate if you draw them and give them our portraits.

There are a great many ideas how to present our group or corporate cartoon portrait.

* We will draw all the employees of your company and produce a calendar layout. This playful calendar will be a perfect match to your office. And you can give it to colleagues. This is a very inexpensive gift. We draw a calendar and then you copy it as much as you wish, even on an ordinary office printer.

You can put corporate and any other group portraits on a mug. An excellent option for a gift.

Our cartoon portrait can be put on T-shirts to keep your corporate spirit up)))


And remember! This is a very affordable gift. If you multiply our digital caricature and give copies to each character, it turns out that the price of each copy will be very low - about 700-800 rubles. Can you find such an inexpensive exclusive gift anywhere else?

Ship cartoon

An united crew of employees and a captain boss-. The ideal image of a successful company


We drew this caricature in two days. If it’s necessary ,we draw quickly)))


A real big boss )))

Group caricature

Group cartoon portrait can be presented to friends. Why not?

Cartoon portrait woman

Customer feedback: "Great idea for a gift! We are delighted! I think we will order a caricature again!"

Group cartoon portrait

"The retinue plays the king". Also a great idea for a corporate caricature.

Group cartoon portrait 3

Such a caricature can be presented to a client or a counterparty. Useful for business relations)))

Group cartoon portrait4

Eternal plot for a good team of like-minded people

Ship cartoon 2

How many employees are there in your company? 10, 20, 30? Let's draw!))

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