Do you send cartoon on paper or on canvas?

Since the wiki - piki works all over the world, we draw cartoon portrait. And we send them to you by e-mail . As experience has shown, it is much faster and more reliable than courier delivery. And then you can print it anywhere - on canvas, on paper, on a T-shir - in any copy-center or on a home printer .

What size do you draw in?

Usually we draw in standard size A 4 , A3, etc .. But sometimes other dimensions are required for printing. And if you need a non-standard size of the drawing, you can warn us about it in advance, and we'll do it.

If I order a cartoon portrait in A4 size, can I print it in A3 size?

You can. But you must be aware that print quality may deteriorate. So if you want to print out the cartoon in A3 size, just pay additional 3$.

Will you send me a sketch before sending out the work?

We draw solely on electronic tablets, not with paints, pencils or crayons. And this is our overwhelming advantage. It makes our works cheaper than traditional ones. And it allows us to produce a clean copy drawing immediately, without any pencil sketches. In general, all the important nuances of the caricature will be discussed with you in advance.